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We change design styles in the US.


About us

Stone Panel Systems is a leading manufacturer and distributor of natural stone panels. Located in Chicago, Illinois, our company specializes in interior and exterior options, for individual and commercial customers. We offer a wide range of decorative durable stone panels in different complexity and colors. Years of experience in helping many clients taught us how to serve you better and how to deliver products you need. We always focus on individual approach and elasticity when it comes to every project. Company employs experts that are happy to help and will answer any questions. Experts are qualified to help you select best combinations for your space as well as walk you through the process and offer professional support after sale. We are here for you.


High Quality

Our mission is to deliver high-quality products that will last you many years. The satisfaction of our clients is key to our success. Thanks to our passion, hard work, and great customer service we managed to accomplish a leading position in the market. We understand that it’s all about constant learning, that’s why we persistently try to improve ourselves in product innovations.
We want to stay the best for our clients.

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